Historic Oak mosaic


Assembled wood parquets, which are made ​​from old beams with unique surfaces and age. It is used to create interior images with 3D effect. Even now parquet tiles are used by architects in major public spaces, but also in the interior. Variability of floor tiling has no boundaries, it depends only on the imagination.


The timber has undergone many years of use, but it has also advantages except for long life, such as unique platinum or plastic surface color. This is due to high-quality timber and processing of old carpenters. We use exclusively material older than 300 years, when the oxidation and external influences always ensures inimitable appearance. Parquet is very strong and durable. To maintain these properties it is important to ensure professional and quality installation.


The dimensions are at least 50x50 cm, limited only to the dimensions of the space availiable.
Specific dimensions are in the hands of the customer.


  • Apr cut
  • Apr polished brushed
  • Spruce hand-hewn brushed
  • Spruce cuttered brushed