Panelling from old planks


Panels have their own unique colour and tarnishing of the top layer. The most important aspect is not the original production technology, but rather the number of years that the board was used for its intended purpose. We collect our materials in rooms on floors or on houses and other buildings as cladding. Every step of our ancestors, every year of sunshine and each drop of rain have combined to create the unique surface of this material.

Prices of the shown products are quoted upon request.


  • Boards are planed according to the needs of the customer, but usually at a thickness of 30 mm. However, it is not unusual to have 40 or 50 mm thick boards.
  • They are cut horizontally at a constant width, of at least 150 mm. We also offer wide planks of 500 mm.
  • Where possible we always try to maintain the longest possible length of healthy material.


  • Worn planks
  • Cuttered planks
  • Machine cut planks
  • Grounded planks
  • Grounded and brushed planks

For maximum protection of the original colour and look we clean the surface with a variety of brushes and a special purpose machine.
It is possible to use waxes, oils and other surface treatments depending on the needs of the customer.