Wood panelling


The base of the board is a three layered glued “sandwich”. The outer layers are made of continuous lamellas adhered lengthwise. The middle layer is glued diagonally on a 90° angle which creates a very hard board, resistant to bending and twisting.

The front side of the panels are used slats from old hand-hewn beams and sun-tanned boards. This surface is the original work of the old master carpenter, which over the decades, has become weathered by the rain, wind and sun. This old wood always exceeds two hundred years in age and has look that cannot be replicated artificially. Therefore, this product is very popular and in demand by leading architects and builders throughout Europe.

Prices of the shown products are quoted upon request.


The bottom and intermediate layers are also made of old quality beams. Only the intermediate material is cut into slats. The original slats that form the top layer are chosen, sorted and processed entirely by our company. This layer is brushed as the final touch which gives it that unmistakable rustic charm. Our material always comes from historical structures where the beautiful artwork of old masters is guaranteed.


  • Thickness of the beams from 24 to 50 mm
  • Width is 1220mm
  • Length is based on the customer`s needs from 1000mm to 4500mm

We use a special glue from an Austrian brand RAKOLL: for interior RAKOLL GXL4 and for exterior a two component glue RAKOLLIT 280 + 14% RAKOLLIT Harter WS1


These panels are used in interiors as well as exteriors as visible linings. You can see these today in the manufacturing of furniture, kitchens, doors, or small home accessories.

  • Hand-chiselled beams
  • worn floor boards
  • sun tanned beams

Cassette panelling and mosaics


Such composite wood panellings were used in the Chateau de Versailles, which is the most example of this type of flooring. Even now, cassette panelling is used, not only in major public spaces, but also in the interiors of homes and offices where the owner wishes to attach significant importance.


  • Long life. Cassette parquet floors have a very long life. This is due to both quality wood, and simplicity of using parquet floors in renovation.
  • Cassette flooring creates an unmatched 3D effect for your flooring.
  • Resistance. Cassette parquet floors are very strong and durable. To maintain these properties it is important to use professional and quality installation.
  • The production process only uses material older than 300 years to ensure that oxidation and external influences always provide an unbeatable appearance.


  • The dimensions are a minimum of 35x35 cm by 70x70 cm.
  • Specific dimensions larger than this depend on the needs of the customer.